At our firm, our investment methodology is grounded in a long-term, research-driven approach that emphasizes the future potential of blockchain technology. Drawing inspiration from the evolution of the internet and the adoption of the TCP/IP protocol, we firmly believe that the future of blockchain lies in interoperability, seamless communication, and collaboration between various networks.

Similar to how TCP/IP paved the way for the development of a global network of interconnected systems, we foresee a future where multiple blockchain networks coexist and interoperate harmoniously. Our team explores new projects, protocols, and technological advancements that support this vision. By focusing on the long-term potential of these innovations, we aim to position our investments to benefit from the growth and maturity of the blockchain industry.

We prioritize projects that align with our vision of a unified and interoperable ecosystem, so that investments are not only financially sound but also contribute to the advancement of the broader blockchain community. Our team remains steadfast in its mission to deliver long-term value while fostering the growth of a more connected and efficient blockchain future.

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